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Samantha Bennington’s inaugural publication, Falling Love Notes: Memories from a Rock Star Wife, offers readers a refreshingly candid perspective into the personality of a woman who doesn’t know the word “no.”  This brave missive, written by the first wife of the late Chester Bennington, lead singer for the infamous rock band Linkin Park, takes readers into Samantha’s quest for personal and professional actualization and the many fantastic adventures contained therein.   

Beginning with life changing events from early childhood, carrying us through joy and pain of significant events before, during and after her marriage to Chester, and bringing us to her present day life as a mother, life coach and entertainment entrepreneur, Falling Love Notes is the story of a fierce emotional journey.  Strength and survival manifested through love and gratitude are the central themes of this raw, heart wrenching and inspirational book as we learn of the many loves and losses of Samantha’s life, perhaps most profoundly, the untimely death of her late ex-husband and best friend. 

Part autobiography, part conversation, throughout her story, Samantha speaks candidly about the paths she has chosen to be her true self.  From her rebellious punk rock teens, early financial independence and eventual quest to answer questions about her unknown past, we learn of the fierce determination contained inside this inquisitive, independent thinker.  As she shares of the financial sacrifices and emotional strength required to support the dreams of a loved one, we feel compassion for, and belief in, her dedication to her family.  


Finally, Samantha speaks of the unusual combination of heartbreak and rational thinking surrounding the decision to end a marriage, we can identify with the bittersweet memories of love and loss.  As the writer speaks of the work she and her late husband performed to co parent their child while remaining close after their divorce, it is made clear to us that Samantha Bennington is, first and foremost, a profoundly committed mother.   Throughout her story we are continuously reminded of this, a mother’s dedication to love, protect and nurture.  In the most recent chapter of her life, as a certified theta healer and life coach, we catch glimpses of how her work, throughout the many seasons of her life, has continued along this path.  


Samantha’s quest to live a life filled with love, candor, compassion and integrity can serve as an inspiration for readers at any stage in their life.  Throughout her book, we are offered any number of opportunities to identify with her quest for self-actualization, personally and professionally, at each stage in her life, at the crossroads where change occurs, at the joys found in love and adventure and the pain that comes with tragedy and loss.  Falling Love Notes: Memories of A Rock Star Wife is much more than a behind the scenes look at before, during and after life with a celebrity: it is a timely, culturally relevant and high-spirited book whose honesty and openness can serve as inspiration for the adventurers in all of us with a dream to live our best lives. 

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