Almost everyone I know is going through something or another during these extremely difficult times that are showing up in our lives, not just as one obstacle but sometimes in multiple ways.

I found myself emotionally drained the other day, while life coaching other's, handling business, my home front, and being on overload literally on every level. Just like everyone else. It's really heavy times, right?!

So, I decided to take some much needed, "me time" and I had to carve it out (otherwise I'm not sure I would have had that time). I turned off my phone at 8PM (My son and family are all home so I felt safe to do that), watched a movie to totally checked out of "my world", I drank some sleepy time tea and woke up feeling refreshed. Still, I wasn't a 100% backed to my bouncy self. I know I'm needing some R & R.

Of course I had to work today but I decided to carve out more time throughout the day to get back in balance (especially since I'm home I'm saving so much time from not driving all over Los Angeles). I took the dogs for a walk/hike with my boyfriend after my morning business calls and coffee, we came home and I conquered my emails over a healthy breakfast, and I still couldn't shake the funky feeling I was feeling and I was still in deep process of everything that has had me overwhelmed these last days and months.

So, I push through because I know I'm worth it and I will appreciate the final outcome. I know when I feel funky that doesn't feel good. I always want to be happy and feel good. So sometimes we have to keep one foot in front of the other and keep pushing through those funky emotions.

After my emails and breakfast (thank goodness for a slower business day) I did a 30 minute yoga class in my living room. After a quick shower and then I had lunch at home with my son and boyfriend (I mean where are we going? We live in LA, we are Covid shut-down).

I hope your following the pattern that I have been creating throughout my day. A little bit of biz and a little bit of me, family, whatever you want, fill in your own blank.

To share how this day is going and how I'm feeling now it's going like this:

I worked a bit on the Publishing side of business for Falling Love Notes, then I decided to write this blog and share with you, and this brings me so much joy to write & blog!

Now off to cook together and hang in the kitchen, literally the kitchen is the heart of this household, and a sit down family dinner is, "our new consistent normal" , since the Pandemic. I am grateful for more family time!

Today, I chose to work, then something for me, a responsibility taken care of and then a personal choice that I would enjoy.

Today...I created balance when I was not in balance. Sometimes, we just have to do a little more work or re-arranging to create our own happiness!

Happy New Year and Cheers to healthy distractions that make you feel better and bring you happiness.

Love and Light,

Samantha B

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Riddle me this, riddle me that I am not Dr. Suess or the Cat in the Hat.

We are the same as we like to rhyme,

however, I do not believe in time.

People come and people go

but does anyone really know?

There is a story I’m about to tell,

do you believe in heaven or hell?

We all experience the past, present, and future,

but truth be told we need to learn to nurture.

Open your heart and open your mind,

all of us are the same kind.

Created and linked to all the same energy, so why can’t we think beyond just you and me?

Everything we do leads to me and you, this story that I tell somewhere inside, you know it’s true.

So please believe in when you are kind,

you are sharing with the world in mind.

With every action of love you do, it always comes back and again this is true.

Some say it’s Karma I like this a lot,

and again the Universe has a plot.

A ripple affect that we all feel, so let’s bond together and begin to heal.

I lead my life on a foundation of love,

and I know sometimes we all need a hug.

No one is perfect and judgement has no place, so when we realize that, judgment has a new face.

The awakening has begun and a new song is sung.

The air, wind, sea, and trees, all include you and me.

Can you see how we are connected?

When you reflected, on this poem I wrote especially for you and the reason is because I LOVE YOU!

Inspired by Dr. Suess, my favorite Writer and Poet, written by me (Samantha Bennington) in five minutes in bed because I can’t sleep... I’m on my way to a journey of enlightenment and I truly want to take all of you with me!

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