Consulting & Developing Music

Producing, Consulting, & Developing – More to come!!!

As an “Advocate for Artists”, Samantha decided to join forces with partner Mike De Armond together becoming a dynamic duo by offering a new concept with the traditional ways that still make the music go round and accepting the change of era with the most modern technologies. Revolutionizing the way producing, consulting, & developing has been done in the past. We take on each band or individual client and create a specific design on where they see their career or where their needs to grow may lie.

Some clients may only need production and some may need a full package deal with potential shopping to labels. There are no guarantees but we demand the artist puts forth their very best as we are determined to do the same.  However, we know how to get the job done and our fees are based off of the current standing of the band and the length of time and work needed to bring the artist to an industry standard.

We offer much more than consulting as well, such as production, shopping to labels, studio time and branding. We like to involve several of these aspect with the consulting.we normally sign contracts starting from a 3-6 month range. Again, depends on the artists needs and we tailor our contracts to fit as such.  Our most common contract for new talent/ bands that are ready for their next journey start with a three month span. Giving us time to develop and get the ball rolling with photo shoots, interviews, web  design, consult in regards to business, band names, trade marks, etc. pre production 5 song EP Radio & Record Label ready. Collaborating with the top producers in the game.