1. What is life coaching?

A coach is an advocate, a sounding board, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, a truth teller, a confidant. Often compared to consulting and mentoring, coaching is a new profession that combines the best concepts from psychology, philosophy, strategy, and spirituality to provide a focus, an overall mental health and well being to individuals that are taking a proactive approach at achieving complete success and happiness in any life situation. Helping the client discover their own solutions for their own specific lives purpose.

2. Therapy Vs Life Coaching.

Therapy tends to focus on feelings and experiences related to past events and emotions where as life coaching is oriented towards goals setting and encourages the client to move forward, life coaching puts you in the now and focuses on the present while moving you toward a greater future!

3. How often do I meet with my life coach?

In the beginning it is normal to meet once a week over the phone, email, or IM. As things progress we can adjust to an as needed basis.

4. WHAT KIND of coaching does Samantha Bennington have experience with?

A personal coach, a life planner coach, a muse coach, a life mission coach, spiritual coach, fitness/wellness coach, mental health coach, single parent coach, co parenting coach, time management coach, cancer coach, drug and alcohol abuse coach.


Monthly private emails that generate to all private monthly subscribers (in one simple blast of an email) a punch list/motivation to help them focus on their goals & desires to move forward for $39.95

Weekly private emails to clients that sign for private monthly subscribers (in one simple blast of an email) starting their Monday’s off with an insightful uplifting week by week reminder of goals & tools for the person looking for the more aggressive approach in personal positive change in their day to day life $98.95 a month.

Private sessions for individuals per a 3 month contract $10K 2Hrs personal one on one time by phone/Skype weekly per month.

The Client is held responsible to be on time for all sessions & contracts will be signed prior to coaching so both parties are held accountable..
Coaching on Location (video shoots, movie sets, travel to individual) Please contact for pricing. On a case by case basis, depends on individuals needs & time. All expenses paid by client. I have helped many actors, writers, musicians with any blocks they may encounter. Fulfilling a part in a roll, writers block, etc.

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The Children’s Lullaby & Meditation CD is a calming soothing introduction for children into meditation with an introduction to music & sounds. It is helpful for children to fall asleep & it is extremely calming. I also wanted to give children an opportunity to discover & learn how to meditate at an early age. This CD will get your child to sleep peacefully! Purchase Children’s Lullaby and Meditation CD $14.96 (includes shipping) [wp_cart:Children’s Lullaby and Meditation CD:price:14.96:end] “Life coaching is an exciting rush of empowerment and happiness – you leave a session feeling so much more confident, loaded with the tools you will need to remain confident and the strength that you will need to put one foot in front of another, to accomplish your desired goals.”Personal and Entertainment Coaching • Life Planner • Muse • Life Mission • Spiritual • Fitness/Wellness • Mental Health • Single Parent • Co Parenting • Time Management • Cancer • Drug and Alcohol abuse