Samantha Bennington AKA Punk Rock Mother Teresa (so named by artist Scott May) works with the Freddie Way Project, a new country act rising in the storied hands of producer Kent Wells in Nashville, TN.

Music is in her blood. She first stepped into a music studio at 7 years old just as her adopted mother fell victim to a life threatening illness. She was hospitalized in intensive care where young children and young Samantha was taken in by her next door neighbors, in whose in-home studio Samantha found solace.

There, trembling, she made her first recording, a tremulous “get well” audio, where Samantha poured all her heart in, hoping this would help bring her mother home so she could see her again.

Little did she know that her mother was pronounced dead but her grandmother insisted the doctors play the recording and, to everyone’s shock, her mother’s fingers moved to the sound of her daughter’s plaintive voice.

The story of this recording and her mother’s miracle recovery was reported in several newspapers & magazine articles. A breakthrough comma patients can hear.

Samantha’s connection to the recorded voice and to music has only grown deeper over the years. As a teen, she surrounded herself with friends who were in bands, or worked for companies in the entertainment industry.

In 1996 Samantha met Chester Bennington who was singing in a local band in Arizona called, “Grey Daze”. They were married that same year. Samantha always supported her then husband in his musical endeavors and when an opportunity presented itself in 1998 to join another band, she encouraged him to explore it and supporting him in every way. Chester successfully auditioned and became the lead singer for “Linkin Park”, then named “Xero”.

Their relationship, surviving several bouts of addiction and recovery was public fodder until they divorced in 2005.

Samantha credits the support, wisdom, and encouragement of her broad circle of friends, including x, y, z and especially Jeff Blue, who has always encouraged her to follow her own calling – strategizing and helping others achieve their artistic goals.

With profound insight into the workings of the music industry and the psychology of success, Samantha created Rhythm Kittens, a burlesque dance troupe that featured the best of modern jazz, hip -hop, Hula, Latin, dancing.

Though this was a powerful (and sexy) outlet, Samantha sought other pathways for her to function as a skilled muse, working behind the scenes to get real talent seen and successful.

She founded an independent label called, “SAM Records”. Standing for “Surface to Air Missile” in the military, this name reflected her precise and decisive business mind and ear for talent.

She soon signed a South African band called, “The Narrow”. Turning inward, and inspired by her son, Draven, she recorded a children’s meditation CD, introducing music & meditation to infants & young children (Mom and Draven have been meditating together since he was 2, instilling in him what she calls “an amazing calmness in his being that he will carry throughout his entire life.”

In 2007 she went back to school with ICA, an on-line school, to solidify and fill out her life coaching skills (She’d been doing it “unofficially” with artists for decades).

Feeling that she has found a ground for all her natural and professional abilities, she started, “Creative Life Coaching”, where she takes on private clients, coaching them into both internal and external success. She blogs for her audience when inspired or when professional feedback is required on specific topics and life events. Along with being a Certified Life Coach , Samantha continued her education and became a Certified Advanced DNA Theta Healer. You can find Theta Healers at

Returning to her roots, in 2012, Samantha started independent consulting, developing & producing new and rising acts across genres.

Continuing her work as a coach and hostess of artists and musicians from around the world in her wonderland Southern California home, Samantha created her first television show in 2012, working title, “Hollywood House Guests” – tracking the wild and warm traffic of celebrities and hopefuls through her hallways and in her tender care and knowing guidance. The show is currently being shopped to the networks. Update: Samantha will hold out until there is a perfect fit and proper timing for the launch of this very personal heartfelt project.

The adventure continues and Samantha is now blogging for Magazine as a Writer/Editor & she is loving the additional outlet to reach so many people with this fun new platform. It’s not just a woman’s magazine, it is loaded with wisdom and beautiful prospectives on life. Please check it out. There are some truly talented writers that she believes you may all enjoy.

Samantha is truly honored to be apart of

A beacon to all for her maternal sweetness as well as her professional acumen, it’s no wonder the name Punk Rock Mother Teresa has stuck!